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[This site has been set up as a quick and easy way for our friends and relatives to keep abreast of the movements and experiences of the Williams family]
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At the moment [11 October 2016]:
  • Jack & Viv returned to Australia from Bangladesh at the end of May and are now living in the south west Brisbane suburb
    of Darra.
    Jack has been spending his time renovating parts of their new house and acting as chauffeur to Samantha who gave birth
    to her first child, a boy, a few days after Jack and Viv arrived. Viv has been busy baby-sitting for Sam and for a friend of
    hers with a similar aged boy.
    Jack is hoping to secure a few more short-term overseas contracts before declaring himself finally retired.
  • Kimberly is still in Brisbane and has just been confirmed as permanent in her new job with a local architectural company.
  • Samantha is coming to the end of her maternity leave and is now well into the next phase of her paediatric studies.
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Goodbye Bangladesh
The final few months of our time in Bangladesh
was spent in Dhaka as Jack's work in the delta
area was in the final stages and could be handled
by one of his counterparts in the adjacent region
while he helped out in the short-staffed head
There were still a few site visits but not the
amount of travelling experienced in the previous
two years.
Life in Dhaka was quite different and the
increased social activities were a rather welcome
relief after the quiet life in Barisal. However the
unfortunate events of that period that resulted
in the considerably increased security
precautions rather spoiled this improvement.
Nevertheless, just before we left, there was an
air of relief spreading as it was felt that the
terrorist incidents were behind us.
Holey Bakery Tragedy
But, in fact, the worst was yet to come with the
terrible events at the Holey Bakery restaurant
happening just a month after we had left. This
was a very popular place not far from our office
and where we lived and we frequently visited it.
We have not heard that any of our direct friends  
or associates were harmed but several friends of
friends were there.
We are still in touch with several who are still
there and they seem to be coping and life is
gradually getting back to normal. Probably largely  
because the decision makers have managed to pull
their heads out of the sand and start to deal
properly with the problem that everyone else
acknowledged from the beginning.
Send Off
We were given several good send offs from work,
the Hash House Harriers and the DOGS Golf Club
(that Jack had joined after we moved to Dhaka).
And, as is typical of almost all our postings, we
made many very good friends in Bangladesh and we
are very sorry that we will probably never meet
most of them again.
Bangladesh itself turned out to be one of the
least unforgettable places we've lived and worked
in but the individuals we made friends with are up
there with the best.
Hello Darra
We arrived back in Brisbane just a few days
before Samantha gave birth to our first
grandchild, a boy whom she and Kiran decided
(with  infinite wisdom) to call Jack!
Since she had him by cesarean she was unable to
drive so, since we didn't have a car, Jack drove
her round for the first few months and, since we
didn't have a house, we stayed with them also for
the first few months.
Eventually we found a small house not far from
theirs that needed some work so Jack spent his
time doing the renovations while Viv continued to
babysit and also occasionally babysits for a friend
of Sam nearby.
Kim is living near the centre of Brisbane but can
drive to our houses in less than half an hour and
she frequently visits both houses so we have one
or two family reunions almost every week..
Just before we left Dhaka we heard from Viv's
brother, Tony, who had been living in Western
Australia  that there was a possibility that he had
11 October 2016 – Goodbye Bangladesh. Hello Darra
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cancer but the diagnosis had not been confirmed.
When we arrived he was already in Brisbane and so
we quickly arranged for him to see one of the top
local specialists. Unfortunately, after some more
tests it was confirmed that he had contracted
pancreatic cancer and that it had spread to his
After a very traumatic two months that saw him
travel to WA and back and battle intense pain
while trying to regulate his medication he finally
succumbed on 2 August at the young age of fifty
Apart from his obvious pain and his diminishing
awareness he was his usual self up to the end. He
was still more concerned with other people's
problems and the fact that he couldn't help them
anymore than he was with his own situation.
He is someone who will be missed more, by his
many, many friends the more time that passes.
For the first two or three months Jack was too
busy with chauffeuring, fixing things at Kiran and
Samantha's house, trying to find a house and a car
for ourselves and doing what little we could for
Tony, to think about work but now that most
outstanding issues have been settled he is keen to
use up some of his remaining active life doing
something more worthwhile than house-fixing and
gardening. (Not that those are not worthwhile for
those that make a living our of it of course!)
Perhaps my former employers assume that I want
to (or should) retire but I think I've still got a
couple more years left ....... given the chance.
Baby Jack at four months
Mum, Dad & Baby
Grandparents, Auntie,
Parents & Baby Jack