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When I wrote the 2 April report, the situation (and with it my
prospects!) were changing daily. But for the past three weeks my main
task has been to help my company demobilize it’s operation for this
project as they finally decided enough was enough and cancelled their

During my recruitment period I was aware of some problems between
the Consultant’s Head Office and the Team Leader/Client but I was not
aware just how bad the situation was until after arrived. I tried to help
get things back on a even keel but all to no avail. The rifts were too
wide and both sides too stubborn to try to make it work.

It has been a bitter disappointment to me considering how much I
wanted to work again in Indonesia but that’s life. As one door closes
another opens (if you’re really lucky!) and so it is in this case.
To cut a long story short, although, in fact, it took what seemed like
a long time to me, I finally decided to take up the offer that was
closer to home and so we will be boarding a plane out of Indonesia on
Saturday morning bound for Townsville for a few days before taking
off for another new destination …….  Watch this space - again!

When I realized that all hopes of keeping the project going were
gone, I sent out a few enquiries to friends and one actual application
for a job that was advertised on the internet. I was amazed and
delighted to get so many positive responses. Within a very short time
I had two positive offers (subject to the usual ‘Client approval’) and
I was faced with the embarrassment of having to choose between
them – something that has never happened to me before!
Report 8 - 5 June 2008 - Goodbye Jakarta - we hardly knew you!