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Report 12 - 20 May 2010 - Early impressions of Sri Lanka & Trincomalee
With the project nearing completion and Jack's job done, we finally
departed from Nauru on 1 March.  The island will rate very highly in
our memories in terms of friends made and excellent client
relationships during our project but, unfortunately, in terms of
places to live it will be nowhere near the top!

The island itself doesn't have a lot going for it with the vast
majority of its interior having been mined out to a moon landscape
and most of its beaches obstructed by protruding limestone pinnacles.
But its lack of attraction as a place to live goes deeper than that.
Unfortunately the people, though extremely sociable on the outside,
appear to have been deeply scarred  by their phosphate experience -
just like the landscape.  

There is a distinct sense of 'we'll be rich again soon, we don't need
to work' amongst most of the male and many of the female population.
Those that have come to realise that the 'rich times' are well and
truly behind them and only their own hard work will get them
anywhere were a pleasure to know and work with but, unfortunately
they were few and far between.

We will certainly miss the camaraderie and the good friends left
behind and our daily walks along the topside tracks, and often through
the bush and pinnacles, even more than we had imagined as there
seems to be very few expats in Trincomalee and no signs of any Hash
House Harriers!

Early impressions are favourable with complete freedom of movement
without fear of packs of dogs and, of course, plenty of historic sites
to visit and by no means least, the abundance of fruit and veg at
reasonable prices.

The project is the supervision of a number of contractors
rehabilitating roads in the Trincomalee and Batticaloa districts for
the government and the ADB. This will entail some field trips but
most of Jack's work will be done from the office in Trinco.

At the moment he is living in a beach resort hotel a few km up the
coast from Trinco so he's mixing with the tourist crowd for the
first couple of weeks but he is working hard to fix up a house in town
for when Viv arrives in mid April.

Hopefully we will be able to keep the site updated more successfully
than in Nauru as the internet connection appears to be much faster
and more reliable here.
The Nauru Hash House Harriers 'Charity Red Dress Walk' to
raise funds for the Disabled Centre sponsored by Digicel.
[Note the 'business' next door. No one was arrested!]
Typical Nauru interior landscape
Typical beach with pinnacle outcrops