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Report 15 - 28 May 2011 - The next project
Towards the end of our first year of the Sri Lanka
project Viv and I decided that we didn't want to continue
past the end of Jack's first one year contract because,
despite how pleasant and helpful all the people were, we
felt that time was just passing us by. So Jack requested
a transfer.
However he were requested to reconsider his request
and so we decided that we would think about it again
after a holiday.
In February we had a very pleasant ten day break in
Singapore and Malaysia together with Kim and Sam and
Jack's sister, Lilian, and her husband, John.  Lilian had
been a very young RAF bride in Singapore and Penang back
in the mid-fifties and this was her first visit since then.
Then, after a few weeks back in Trincomalee we had a
shorter break back in Australia to catch up on a few
personal chores.  When we returned to Trinomalee we
were ready to try again to build up some enthusiasm for
life and work, but, unfortunately, that didn't last very
long and so we decided, once again, to call it a day.
Luckily our decision coincided with an offer from my
previous employer for a position on their team for a
project in the Solomons starting in June and so we left
Sri Lanka on 20 May to prepare for the move.