12 April 2013 – What next, retirement?!!
Part-time work or retirement
Because of the delay in picking up a new job we are
seriously looking at the option of part-time work or
full-time retirement. In either case we will need to
decide where we want to live.
To that end we've been tentatively looking at
available accommodation in both Brisbane and Perth
(and even in the USA). At first we were looking for
an apartment to buy close to Kim and Sam. Then we
realised that there is no guarantee that they will
stay in the same suburb or even the same town or
country when they finish their training, so we
decided to look for an apartment to rent.
But before we were able to find anything we were
off to Perth to see Tony and to help him find more
suitable accommodation and we were quite
impressed with the area. It has a certain laid back
atmosphere and a somewhat slower pace than the
east coast cities. It also has many specially
constructed walking trails which suit us very much.
(Of course we haven't been through a winter yet, so
time will tell!)
Life after work?
Since leaving Honiara last November, we've divided our
time between Kim and Sam in Brisbane and Viv's brother
Tony in Perth.
We've busied ourselves as best we could doing
housework, minor house repairs, gardening and house
hunting in both locations but it hasn't filled out our days
very well I'm afraid.
One bright spot is that Jack has made contact with two
old friends. One is from his Jamaica rugby days - Chris
Durrant of Arawaks and Jamaica fame who is retired
from both work and play it seems. However he has
threatened to put his boots back on for the next Golden
Oldies festival in Perth.
The other is from his Port Moresby Hash House Harriers
days, Con Papamihail (Stipated), who is originally from
Perth and is happy to retire back here though he still
manages to get a bit of work in fairly regularly. Con has
helped Jack to get back out onto the golf course with
weekly outings. He even gave Jack his old set of clubs to
use since Jack decided not to bring his over from
Jack has submitted many job applications and several
have looked very promising but, disappointingly, none has
yet resulted in a job offer. But even more disappointing is
the fact that most of them seem to have failed due to his
age, despite the organisations' declaration of 'no
discrimination on the grounds of age, etc'.
In fact one wonders why age is still included in their
required CV format while there are no questions about
health or fitness, which you would think would be much
more pertinent for the work concerned. In fact one even
states 'no medical certificate required'.
The same bewilderment applies to the 'old fashioned'
requirement for 'previous work experience in the same
country'. Not 'previous work experience in 'similar'
countries' or even 'previous experience in countries other
than the application's own country'. What is more
important, knowledge of working in a particular country or
demonstrated ability to work successfully in a variety of
countries and with understanding and sensitivity for
counterpart workers in those countries? How long does it
take for the average expat to 'learn the ropes' in a new
country in this day and age?!
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Perth Accommodation
At first we were looking for a small house to buy
closer to Tony's work so that he could take it over
if, and when, we decide to move to live elsewhere.
But we couldn't find anything suitable so, at the
moment, we are looking for a small house to rent
south of the city.
However, house purchase and rental costs in this
part of Western Australia are higher than in south
east Queensland so it looks like we are in for a lot
of searching.
At the moment the weather is really nice. Warm
days and cool nights. However, we understand that
cooler weather is on its way so we could well be
returning to Queensland earlier than planned!
Watch this space!